Welcome to the Asian Art Museum Online Collection

Welcome to one of the most striking and complete collections of Asian art in the world. The Asian Art Museum is a walk through 6,000 years of cultures, dynasties, religions, and geographies. From the earliest dated Chinese Buddha image to the contemporary works it inspires, our collection offers a window to Asia's past and present — and invites creativity and conversation for all.

More than 8,300 objects from the Asian Art Museum's collection are available for viewing online. More objects are added regularly, and the information is continuously reviewed and updated.

You may make keyword searches using the "Quick Search" field. Acceptable search terms include artists' names or terms such as India, flower, or bodhisattva.

You may enter several terms at once. So, if you want to find Buddha images from China, you may enter Buddha China. Such searches will call up only those objects that have both terms in their entries.

In keyword searches, all parts of the object's entry are searched. This means that Buddha China brings up all objects that have the words Buddha and China anywhere in their record.

The * (asterisk) can be used as a wildcard in searches. For example, child* will find both child and children, and 198* will find any date in the 1980s.

You may also click on "type of art" to bring up all art objects of a certain type (such as sculptures).

Please be aware that search results may include objects not currently on display at the museum.