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Betty Bogart Contemplative Alcove (Gallery 31)

Bodhisattvas: Awakening Beings in Himalayan Paintings

Books and Manuscripts

Central and Western India 600–1600 (Gallery 3)


Chao Shao-an and Chinese Painting since 1900 (Gallery 20)

China 221 BCE–960 CE (Gallery 15)

China 960–1911 (Gallery 17)

China to 221 BCE (Gallery 14)

Chinese Buddhist Art (Gallery 16)

Chinese Ceramics (Loggia)

Chinese Imperial Arts 1644–1911 (Gallery 19)

Chinese Jade Treasury (Gallery 13)


Collection Connections: Couture Korea

Decorative Arts

Deities in Stone

Early Japan (Gallery 25)

Early Southeast Asia (Gallery 8)

Eastern India 600–1600 (Gallery 2)

Elephants Without Number

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Enter the Mandala

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Gifts of the Connoisseurs' Council


Hidden Gold

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Jade and Stones

Japanese Arts of Daily Life (Gallery 27)

Japanese Buddhist and Shinto Art (Gallery 26)

Japanese Paintings and Screens (Gallery 28)

Japanese Porcelain and Prints (Gallery 29)

Korea 1392 to the Present (Gallery 23)

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Korea through 1392 (Gallery 21)

Korean Wrapping Clothes (Bojagi)

Later Chinese Jades

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Mother-of-Pearl Lacquerware from Korea


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One Billion Buddhas

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Phantoms of Asia

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South Asia after 1600 (Gallery 5)

South Asia to 600 (Gallery 1)

South Asian Photography

Southeast Asia 1300–1800 (Gallery 10)

Southeast Asia 600–1300 (Gallery 9)

Southeast Asia after 1800 (Gallery 11)

Southern India 600–1600 (Gallery 4)

Tateuchi Thematic Gallery (Gallery 24)

Tearoom, Tea-related Arts, Bamboo Arts (Gallery 30)


The Fierce Feminine

The Himalayas and the Tibetan Buddhist World (Gallery 12)

The Persian World and West Asia (Gallery 7)

The Rama Epic

The Sikh Kingdoms (Gallery 6)

Theatrical Arts

Warrior Kings and Divine Jesters

Worshipping Women