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Object ID: B81P76
Designation: Beads
Object Name: Jewelry
Period: Warring States Period (approx. 480-221 BCE), Eastern Zhou dynasty (771-255 BCE)
Medium: Glass paste on low-fired ceramic
Place of Origin: China, Zhejiang province
Credit Line: Transfer from the Fine Arts Museums of San Francisco
Label: Glass beads were carried immense distances as trade objects and were among the earliest materials traded along what was to become known as the Silk Road. The material fascinated the Chinese and they sought to imitate it, using both glass and in glass paste on a pottery body.
On display: yes
Collection: Decorative Arts
Dimensions: H. 1/2 in x Diam. 1/2 in, H. 1.3 in x Diam. 1.3 cm each bead
Department: Chinese Art